Friday night rambling…

I’m going to take a moment to whine and then I’ll be okay, so if you can bear with me, I’d appreciate it!

It’s been a rough week and today had to drop another 7-12 inches of snow on us! My day job has me putting in more hours this week than normal, way more than 40 and it’s mentally exhausting this week. This week had way too many meetings and not enough regular time to get anything “regular” done. Sometimes I think I get paid to go to meetings more than to perform. But this is actually more the exception than the rule, it just feels like the ‘rule” this week!

In addition, I’ve been struggling to try to find some time outside of my day job to work on growing my personal business and time is just too precious a commodity. I pray that I am able to make connections with the ladies (and a few gents) that I met at the Women’s EXPO last Saturday, before I’m forgotten!

Last night, I was to have one of my monthly meetings at the house, but it was one of those unsuccessful events that beginning businesses have. I’m no exception; but if I’m to be honest, I have to admit it’s hard to stay motivated sometimes. I put a lot of time and energy into building my business for the health of others as well as my own. That’s the truth of it and that’s okay. I have plans to have a much more dynamic meeting the next time and do a lot better at advertising it and most importantly put the meeting under prayer for success.

I could continue whining but there really is no point. I’ll just pick myself up.

In fact, I will conscientiously take a greater step forward and count my blessings. I have a wonderful family; I have a roof over my head, a paid off vehicle, and a day job that keeps it all in place. I am well received at my day job (I just started in October there) and my managers say I’ve more than met their expectations. I am thankful for all that I have, because I realize that things could be a whole lot worse.

It’s easy to whine and feel sorry for oneself; in fact it’s so easy that’s why so many others do it and I catch myself doing it too. You see and hear it everywhere (especially in online social forums) and sometimes others are blamed for the lack of success, or any “lack” in general when in reality we have to take accountability for ourselves and our actions. It’s what WE do, what WE say, and how WE respond to others and situations in life that define us. No one else can define us, unless we let them. So while I’m feeling a bit defeated for multiple reasons tonight, I know the feeling is as temporary as I allow it to be.

I have lived through today and I have come out breathing, fed, warm and loved. I have to realize that I am richer than some who have more money than I do. Even though I recognize these things, I also recognize that I don’t have to settle for where I am today. I can continue to be blessed so long as my heart is in the right place. In fact, I strive to get to a place where I’m not just working to live, but instead I’m working to give.

Time management seems to be a bit of a challenge for me as of late and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in any given day. I want to be able to slow down, but I’m already not getting to everything that I must at full speed. So what do I do? That is a good question and as I review my life agenda, I will need to come up with an answer, because coasting along is not a resolution that will work. I have dreams, just like anyone else. I have goals, just like so many others. And I work daily to have patience to attain them because they just don’t happen overnight.

Tomorrow I must focus on gathering all my paperwork to do my income tax return. I can handle the personal finances easy enough with tax reporting software; but being a first time business owner with no business degree background or accounting background; I am stressed and intimidated by the thought of trying to do my own business taxes. I can safely say that my first year of business did not yield as much as I had hoped because I did a lot of investing into my business first. I’m told that businesses just starting out take time to grow and produce a profit. So it’s probably not as hard as I fear, but still I don’t want to make a mistake. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate if you would drop me a note.

If you are reading this and are of the praying population, I would be grateful for a heartfelt prayer on my behalf for reasons better left unspoken….

Thanks for reading my Friday night ramblings and I wish you, the reader a wonderful weekend ahead.



Slow down?


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A Mom of two boys. A wife to one man :-). A buyer by day, but a Reliv distributor by night. Looking to help others' standard of health, bring awareness to health issues, and bring financial opportunities to those who want it!
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