Ready for a BBQ yet?

Not funny!

Mother Nature says, "April fools!"

No doubt that some of you either played pranks or was a gullible victim of one today.  I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category on two counts!  One, Mother Nature played a dirty trick on all of us in New England by dumping 6-12 inches of the white heavy wet stuff we’re all sick of by now!  And secondly, a good friend decided to change his relationship status on his facebook to “engaged” instead of single and I fell for it:  hook, line and sinker!  I was just so happy for him that he “found” someone to walk beside him in life and it was egg on my face instead!  It’s okay.  Most of the time its all in good fun.  No harm done.

As you can see in the picture, that’s my picnic table and grill outside as of 8am this morning!  It snowed pretty much all day, so you can imagine how much snow we received by the end of the day today!  The good news is that tomorrow, it’s going to be in the 50’s and the horrible white stuff which has overstayed its welcome will be melting away fast.  Thank goodness!

All kidding and fun stuff aside, there are times when people don’t particularly care to be made a fool of.  It happens so many times in life and it doesn’t take a special day, like April 1, to have it happen.  There are con artists out there peddling all sort of junk, and not just stuff, but ideas too.   Its no wonder we’re a weary population; extremely skeptical and often negative.  It’s sad really because when you think about it, there is so much good out there too.  There are good people sharing good things, good ideas and they are often lumped in with the riff raff of life- never given a chance.

There is no doubt that it’s important to be careful.  The elderly and oftentimes our own military families tend to be highly targeted audiences for those of ill will.  But we all can fall victim to scams, especially when our hopes are high and the promise seems to meet the need of that hope, especially easily.

Don’t stop hoping for those things you need and or desire; but keep those hopes in perspective and do your homework.  Falling victim to a scam frequently happens to those who do not take the time to evaluate, review, and educate themselves.  In fact, it’s almost always the result of a compulsive/impulsive decision.  I myself have fallen victim to a scam or two in and I’d like to think of myself and reasonably intelligent; so it’s not easy to admit! Yet, no one is infallible.   The only compulsive decision I ever made that didn’t cause trouble or harm was when I found myself saying out loud, “I’ll take him,” to my friend who needed to find a good home for her dog, Starbuck.  He’s been a happy (spoiled) member of our family ever since:

A V.I.D. of our family

As a local working Mom that needed an additional source of income, I started a distributorship of Reliv Nutrition and Relivables products.  I can assure you that this part of my life is not a scam.  I am proud to be affiliated with Reliv International: a 23-year old (and running strong) US company of top-notch nutritional supplements made in the USA.  I am a product of the products and can testify personally to the benefits of the supplements.  I do so proudly.  I took a step outside of my comfort zone a year ago this month when I decided to become a distributor with Reliv because I have no business ownership background, but I do have a passion for the products I take and the benefits of taking them are worth sharing to those I care for and to strangers as well.  In this skeptical world, its risky to step out and share, but I’ve met too many people who I deem as “walking miracles” resulting from the consistent use of Reliv nutrition NOT to share it with people.  Simply put,  I am one of the “good people” sharing something “good.”  I only ask for a chance to show and share it.  No foolin’.

Have a great evening everyone and a wonderful weekend ahead. 



About stephsquared2010

A Mom of two boys. A wife to one man :-). A buyer by day, but a Reliv distributor by night. Looking to help others' standard of health, bring awareness to health issues, and bring financial opportunities to those who want it!
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