Growing Up With A Puck

A few years back

Crazy photo op!

Tomorrow night I will be taking my family to the last home game of the season for the Manchester Monarchs.  My boys love going and of course I do too.  I grew up going to hockey games.  Both my father and brother are avid hockey fans, and I was the tag-a-long growing up, but I enjoyed it too.  When we were kids, Dad would take us to plenty of Springfield Indian hockey games. That was back when they were known as the Springfield Indians. Of course, it’s not PC to use the term Indians anymore for a sports team.  They are now known as the Springfield Falcons.  They are in the same league as the Manchester Monarchs and I am torn between the two when they play.  Nostalgia.  It plays a funny role in our lives.

I enjoy the Manchester Monarchs games because they make it very family friendly and the facility and its staff enforces rules of conduct for all to keep it family friendly.  I do not worry about bringing my family to one of the hockey games.  It seems everyone is a good sport and there’s no bad sportsmanship in the stands at least; however, what’s a hockey game without a few good fights? 

I’d have to go on a search to find it, but I typically like to wear my Monarchs jersey to the game and I coach from the upper deck (not necessarily the nosebleed section).  My husband can tell you all about my coaching style, but I hope he doesn’t. 🙂  I’m an avid fan, but not necessarily a regular attendee of the games anymore because of finances.  Lots of things have fallen by the wayside since the economy tanked in 2008.  My family is still trying to recover.

My father, an originator and member of the Monarchs booster club is a season ticket holder and has been since the creation of the team and its first game.  He buys us tickets so we can go to a few games.  It’s nice and the boys really love it because typically they can bring a friend too and get embarrassed by their mother hollerin’ at the team to get the puck “down ice.”

My brother no longer lives in New England and he’s two years older than me which makes him 40-something and he still enjoys hockey in real time by being a goalie for a local team in his area.  There are leagues where he plays and he just enjoys playing.  I hope he continues to play for as long as he has passion to.  As kids, we not only attended the hockey games with our father, but we would find time to play our own makeshift brand of hockey in the garage with whatever resembled a hockey stick and a puck.  Later on, we would play floor hockey at the church we attended as adolescents; where I accidentally knocked big Gary on his tushy and scored all in one fell swoop!  I’d like to be able to say it was on purpose, but that’s not true.  I did it by accident but the goal counted anyway! As adults we often deny ourselves these types of pleasures for one reason or another and it’s a shame because we only live this life once.  There are no do-overs.

I’m looking forward to losing my voice tomorrow night as I coach our Monarchs to a final home game win from the seats in section 215 or thereabouts.  Incidentally, my Reliv mentor will also be in attendance tomorrow night, but not for the hockey so much as she will be there to see her daughter sing.  Her daughter is part of the viral singing sensation known for the internet YouTube hit, “Granite State of Mind.”  They will be performing that song as well as their latest song about plowing.  I haven’t heard that one yet, but I understand it’s very funny.

So all in all, it should be a good Friday night.  We haven’t had a night out in a while, so it’ll be a treat.  I hope that if you haven’t had a decent family night out, that you do soon.  It’s worth it and the memories generated from it will be long lasting and most favorable.  Invest in yourself, your family and have a wonderful evening and weekend!

Go Monarchs!!!!!



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