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I recently discovered this website which outlines and validates much of what I have learned and have wanted to share with others about nutritional deficiencies and degenerative diseases.  The oxidative stress information on this page is shared and expounded upon by Dr. Ray Strand, M.D.  This page link outlines nutrititional deficiencies and also offers source materials: http://www.actualcures.com/

I don’t agree or necessarily disagree with the above website’s commentary on cancer and potential cures; however I STRONGLY RECOMMEND visitors to my blog who have cancer or have a loved one with cancer (or survived cancer) to read the book, “World Without Cancer, the story of Vitamin B-17” by G. Edward Griffin.  Highly detailed and facts contained in the book are well researched and diversely sourced thoroughly for the reader to verify on his/her own.   For the “cliff notes” version (although I still recommend reading the book STRONGLY), view a summary of the book in video form click here.  It’s an older film, but the content is very much relevant today.  Please watch make time to watch it if you simply cannot find time to read the book.

Vitamins and minerals are less likely to kill you than a strike of lightning.  Check it out: http://www.actualcures.com/nutritional-supplements-more-safe-medication-die-year/

I will be offering more information on FDA and pharmaceuticals at a later date, but if you’re taking medications and you want to find out if there are any interactions between them, you may want to try this site.

If you’re takin statin drugs for heart problems, you NEED about the adverse effects by reading this.


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